Our Ceramics

Central Region, Portugal

We started our search for the perfect dinnerware partner in Portugal, a place steeped in ceramic traditions. After traveling the country, we found makers who incorporate sustainable craft into every decision, from equal opportunity hiring practices to a focus on zero waste. We knew we’d met our match.

The Details Matter

On the central coast of Portugal is where we set our scene. Here, we durably craft our ceramics with intention because we want to set your table beautifully for years to come. See the process through an artful lens in our exclusive video series, The Details Matter.

The Materials

Our stoneware is made from locally sourced recycled ceramics, and clay from just a few miles up the road. The glaze we use is both lead- and cadmium-safe, and all broken glazed ceramics are recycled into concrete. Instead of flushing saturated water down the drain, it is recycled on-site, creating zero water waste.

The Process

Crafted by local Portuguese ceramists, our products are made using a balance of machinery and hand-finishing. After the clay is mixed, it is placed in a press for shaping and trimming. Once dried and evaluated for quality, each piece is sanded and glazed. These one-of-a-kind products are fired in a kiln, then cooled and carefully boxed, ready for their voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

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The Breakfast Bowls

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