The Dinner Party

After a hiatus, it's blissfully back: the opportunity to host dinner parties again. Here's everything you need to do dinner parties, the Fable way—three courses, tips, tunes, and a delightful cocktail to kick off an evening your guests won't soon forget.

Dinner party setting the table with friends
David Gunawan

To Sip

Award-winning chef and respected figure in Vancouver, BC’s farm-to-table dining scene, David brought to life well-loved restaurants Farmer’s Apprentice and neighbouring Grapes & Soda. In 2019, he opened Ubuntu Canteen, a neighborhood cafe-restaurant with an ethos rooted in community, sustainability, and regenerative practices, where the menu evolves on a weekly basis to accommodate the season’s freshest local and organic ingredients.

Even if most guests come bearing a bottle of wine, there’s something special about being treated to a cocktail when you arrive at a dinner party. We teamed up with David to bring you the first of four recipes: 
the Plum Blossom Spritz.

Plum Blossom Spritz

An effervescent cocktail made with sparkling rosé, gin, Lillet Blanc, a splash of soda, and a simple plum syrup that’s easy to prepare in advance.

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