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Kanto Region, Japan

We searched near and far, and finally found our perfect glassware partner in Japan. With glassmaking roots that stretch back more than 120 years, this company has an award-winning approach to its craft, melding traditional techniques with modern technology, and championing durability in all of its creations. Like we said—perfect.

Sode Lime glassware on production line

The Details Matter

Light to the touch and timeless on the table, the Tall and Short Glasses are a force to be reckoned with. Crafted with a unique ion-toughening technique, they are 1.6 times stronger than glassware that doesn’t undergo the process. It’s a detail that matters to us when creating tableware for everyday use, and we think it’ll matter to you, too.

The Materials

Our glassware is made from high-grade soda-lime glass, which has a clarity and brightness comparable to crystal. Australian silica sand, also known as quartz sand, is melted with Japanese soda ash before being treated with Japanese limestone to increase the chemical durability of the glass, resulting in resilient glassware that’s lightweight and lead-safe. Better yet, each piece is made with 50% recycled glass cullet from the crushing of post-consumer glass.

Soda lime glass raw materials

The Process

The soda-lime raw materials are melted down at 1,500°C and dropped into high-speed machines where they are formed in precision moulds. After slowly cooling (a process known as annealing), the pieces undergo a unique chemical ion-toughening treatment, which generates compressive stress on the surface of the glass to make it highly durable. Finally, the Fable logo is engraved on each base before the glasses are carefully packaged up for shipment.

Soda lime glasses fired

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